Recycling Frequently Requested Services

Frequently Requested Services:


            Request a recycling bin for weekly service pick-up

Depending on your specific need, we can provide desk side office paper bins or Slim Jim framed bins for beverage containers.


            Special event recycling service

If you are planning an event on campus, we can provide you with recycling bins for beverage containers (aluminum, glass & plastic), cardboard, or other materials.  Our recycling staff will deliver, service and pick-up recycling bins at your event.  Please complete a facility request a minimum of seven (7) days prior to your event to arrange for recycling collection at your event.


            Office clean-out

Are you cleaning out your files or office?  We can loan out extra large bins for discarded paper and office supplies.  During certain times of the year, there may be a waiting list for these bins and we may limit the loan time to one week per customer.  Please remember that all sensitive documents should be shredded prior to recycling (shred bins are handled by the warehouse).  


For a list of all materials that can be recycled on campus, see the ‘What to Recycle’ page.

To request services or order a bin, please complete a facility request. If you need to report a concern, please call our Santa Rosa campus Facilities Operations office at (707) 524-4231.