Use of Facilities



Use of Facilities  (Please note that ALL renters are now required to provide proof of insurance)

Santa Rosa Junior College makes it facilities available for use by non-profits and businesses when not being used for college activities.

Facilities are rented on an hourly basis. The hourly rates charged include the actual time room is used, as well as setup and cleanup.

Additional personnel and equipment fees may apply.  

The rental process is started by filling out the appropriate Use of Facilities Application and submitting it with a $35 non-refundable application fee.

Use of Facilities Application   

Statement of Insurance Requirements  (Applies to all rentals)

Although it is not an endorsement our insurance carrier offers one time use insurance services as a resource at this website


Athletic Facility Rental (Use if you are wanting to rent a sports field, Quinn Pool or any room in Tauzer or Haehl Gymnasium)

Current Rental Fee Schedule

Co-Sponsorship Form

Fundraising Form




Mail all Use of Facilities Applications to:

1501 Mendocino Avenue
Facilities Operations
Santa Rosa, CA 95401






Use of Facilities FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)