Fleet Vehicles

New for Spring

The new vehicle reservation system is in place! The new program provides an improved process for reserving fleet vehicles and can be found using the Reservation program link. 

We have district fleet vehicle use for district related business.

The driver must be cleared to drive through District Police and must have taken the vehicle training online course - Amber Oden at District Police sets up the training.

To apply for clearance the following paperwork must be submitted to District Police.

Driver Clearance Form

District Police will notify the driver once a determination is made.

Once the driver has received the clearance email AND has taken the van training through the District Police, they are cleared to request use of a district vehicle through Facilities Operations. NO use of a district vehicle is allowed until the driver has been successfully added to the list of cleared drivers nor will a reservation be considered until the driver has been approved.


To reserve a vehicle for use:

Please plan ahead and provide at least two weeks notice or more when possible. Note: Vehicles are not available on Mondays which are reserved for servicing the vehicles. For reservations, please refer to srjc.topdesk.net to access the program and refer to the instructions for use.   Please be sure drivers are cleared prior to submitting a reservation request. Vehicles are not viewable by drivers who are not cleared and reservation requests that include drivers who are not approved will be automatically cancelled by the program. Note: the program recognizes official names not shortened names. For example if the name is Thomas Jones and you enter Tom Jones the program will cancel the reservation interpreting the person is not a cleared driver.

Departments will be charged by the mileage reported on the vehicle. Current rates can be found on the IRS Standard Mileage Rates (Business) website.   

You will be notified via the reservation program when your reservation is approved. Please note: for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday reservations the keys (not the vehicle) are to be picked up on Thursday. Vehicles are to leave the yard only on the day reserved as indicated on the form and are to be returned to the yard at the return of your trip. A gate code will be provided in the key packet and the keys can be dropped off at the Facilities Operations key box located to the right of the office door.

We currently have in our fleet:

Four 12 passenger vans; Two 8 passenger vans and a Flat Bed Truck. NO CARGO VANS.


Flatbed vehicle

One flatbed truck