Grounds History

Our campus is situated on about 99 acres of fertile valley land rich with history. The old indigenous Valley Oak Trees are the honored monarch of our landscape, which hosts many other native plants as well. In fact we have one garden dedicated entirely to native plants that are shade and drought tolerant and work well under native oaks. Since 1918 when the Santa Rosa campus was established, the flora has become as diversified as its human admirers, evolving to include hundreds of varieties of perennials adopted from around the world. Thanks to the efforts of Steve Mullany of the Agricultural Dept., we're supplied with an impressive display of Australian native plants. We also pamper an outstanding collection of over 200 hybrid roses on the Santa Rosa campus. Add an herb garden, and interlace it all with about 17 acres of lawn, and more than 1400 trees, and we have what many say is one of the most lovely learning environments in the state, a key attraction for quality staff and faculty.

But that's not all. In its evolutionary endeavor to serve the community, the district acquired 40 more acres of prime real estate in Petaluma. Here they have constructed a new campus to serve the needs of our District residents to the south of Santa Rosa. Since its opening in 1995 the Petaluma Center grounds has developed nicely, in part due to its new computerized irrigation system.

In 2002 we opened the Santa Rosa Junior College Public Safety Training Center in Windsor on approximately 20 acres, where the grounds reflect our Mediterranean climate.

All of the plant life on all campuses are cared for by a friendly down to earth staff, and with lots of help from industrious students applying themselves through the Student Employment Center.

Our recycling program, established in 1989, underscores our commitment to and support of an ecologically sound environment.

It is our hope that you may take the time, not to just smell the roses, but to relish in all the natural beauty of the grounds, appreciating nature in its myriad of forms, for this is what makes our work worthwhile.